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Welcome to The Rookie Writer Show!

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Hi! I’m H. Dair Brown, host of The Rookie Writer Show. Each week join me as I dive into writing productivity topics that can help you more effectively channel your enthusiasm and your talent and make the most of the writing time you do have.

We’ll explore approaches, techniques, hacks, resources, tools, and have interviews with both fellow rookies and experts on time management, creativity, organization, and publishing.


I’d like to welcome you to the show with a story that I am shamelessly stealing from The West Wing. (Leo McGarry tells it to Josh Lyman for any other West Wing nuts out there.) It goes something like this:

A man falls into a hole, and he’s calling for help. No one will help him. Finally, he sees a doctor walking by. He yells up, “Hey, Doc. A little help?” The doctor throws a prescription down and continues on his way. And the man is still stuck in the hole. And then he sees a priest. And he says, “Hey, father, can you help?” The priest offers a prayer and then goes on his way. Man’s still in the hole. After a while, he sees a friend. He says, “Hey, buddy! A little help?” His friend jumps into the hole with him. The man says, “What are you stupid? Now we’re both trapped in this hole.” HIs friend says, “Yeah, but I’ve been here before. And I know how to get out.”

So that’s the spirit of the show, the backbone for the concept behind the show. I would very much like to be your friend in the hole. (Laughs). Writing can be really hard and really lonely. And it can feel like some of the problems that you’re having are unique to you. Or they may simply feel insurmountable. But I think that the more you get out and talk to other writers, you’ll see that’s rarely the case. My idea behind the show is to help other people not make the same mistakes I did, but instead to make their mistakes, better mistakes.

Two things you should know about the show.

First, I’m likely to get right into it. I’m a big podcast fan myself and I hate it when people jibber-jabber at the beginning. I’ll dive right into the content. I promise to always respect your time.

Second, I will never tell you that there is just one right way to do anything, especially write. It drives me crazy when people do that. The things that I put out there or that people I interview suggest are just that: suggestions. Take the ideas that intrigue you, try them out. Keep what works. Chuck the rest.

I’ll be organizing the podcasts every month around the following themes:

Who/What – The first episode of every month will tackle questions related to who you are as a writer and what exactly it is that you’re writing. This is the foundation of everything. I can’t overstate what being rock-solid in your understanding of these things can do for your productivity.

When/Where – The second episode of every month will look at logistical challenges related to your writing and offer techniques, hacks, tools, and more to help you get the most out of the writing time you do have.

Why – The third episode of the month will dig into your motivation and your support for your writing practice. Again, when you have a clear understanding of what drives you to face the blank page, you have gone a long way toward protecting yourself from writer’s block and procrastination.

How – The fourth episode of the month will address issues related to your overall health and well-being. Tough to write (or do anything) if you’re not feeling up to snuff. Writing is a part of your life. It’s not your whole life. It might be an important part, but it’s not the whole enchilada. These episodes will help you look at ways you to balance it all.

Finally, in months where we have five Thursdays, we’ll have interviews with fellow Rookies. We’ll have a back and forth discussion about the writing productivity obstacles they’ve faced and how they’ve addressed them, as well as tackle ongoing challenges they’re struggling with.

Interviews with experts on time management, creativity, publishing, and organization will be woven in throughout the month, as well as my reviews and recommendations of writing resources, including other podcasts, #authortube channels, books, magazines, apps, software, and more.

Come by and see if we can move you toward your writing dreams a little faster and a little easier!

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