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S2/E26: Amazon Book Advertisement Mastery by Dave Chesson

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

This week, we’re reviewing Kindlepreneur’s Amazon Book Advertisement Mastery.

Dave Chesson is the man behind Kindlepreneur (and Publisher Rocket) and the host of The Book Marketing Show podcast. Dave’s a dynamo, a Renaissance Man, if you will. Or as he describes himself on his website:

“When I’m not lightsaber dueling with little Jedi, or sipping tea with princesses, I’m testing new book marketing tactics, and helping authors improve their book sales. I’m also the creator of Publisher Rocket, a software that helps authors see what’s really going on in the Kindle marketing, and thus pick better keywords and categories to help them sell more books. I’ve worked with multiple New York Times bestselling authors…. To help all writers learn the art of book marketing, I created Kindlepreneur as a free source for authors with the sole goal of giving you everything you need to take action, and see results.”

Dave is a FOUNTAIN of information for (especially) Indie authors. His various outlets (Podcast, Blog, YouTube Channel) offer a treasure trove of reviews on various writing tool, etc. Plus, he just has a kind and cheerful vibe, so if you’re needing a little more of that in your life, look no further.

This class is broken into 5 days, though you can definitely get it done in one sitting if you’re ready to focus and block off a chunk of time. He has resources galore to go with the free class, and a trial period on his Publisher Rocket software, which is a program I use and 100% recommend. I believe my use of Publisher Rocket Software when I published Happy Busy Kids: 50+ Dairbrained Ideas, Games, and Projects made #1 in the Amazon Hot New Releases in my category! And why I’ve managed to crack the top 1000 in four of my categories!

NOTE: He also shows you alternative ways to do the job Publisher Rocket does if you’re not keen on adding any new software in your life. However, let me tell you from first-hand experience, this is one DIY job that you’ll lose money doing. Let Publisher Rocket do in a matter of minutes — sometimes seconds! — what will take you hours to do the DIY way.

As usual, there’s a lot to this class, and I will barely be able to scratch the surface, but here are my…

Three Things

1 Amazon Has Changed the Game for Indie Authors, but It’s Not the Whole Ballgame! Chesson keeps you grounded throughout the class, reminding you that the return on your investment in advertising on Amazon will be impacted by a lot of other things besides what keywords you use and how you allocate your budget. Among them:

  1. Whether or not you have multiple forms of your book (ebook, paperback, audiobook, etc.)

  2. Whether or not it is a standalone or part of a series

  3. Whether or not you have other books in that genre or subgenre

  4. Whether or not you have an email list and an opt-in link in the backmatter of your books

  5. A service, course, or product that you’re selling, which your book helps promote

2 Set a Schedule. Book marketing with Amazon Ads is not a “set it and forget it” deal. Chesson suggests that you check in with your campaigns regularly, specifically 3x a week for 30ish minutes. If you do so, he says you will be able to monitor, adjust, and clean up unhelpful components of your advertising campaign. While he allays concerns that you may have about “losing money fast” through AMS ads (apparently it’s designed so that’s difficult to do), you still want to get the most return on your investment. He has a great segment on what to do in different scenarios depending on the number of impressions, clicks, and sales that you’re getting. Very helpful!

3 Take the Long View. Chesson urges you to hold off on making any hasty changes to your campaigns’ keywords. He says, “I only turn off a particular keyword if it has greater than 10,000 impressions, and has run for more than a week, and has had a significant number of clicks, but still reports little to no sales.” He believes you don’t have enough info before that. But beyond that, he reminds you that this is a skill that you’re building. To develop it, you’ll need to:

  1. Start by acquiring KNOWLEDGE

  2. Then expand with EXPERIENCE

  3. And then apply DEDICATION

*Hack: Get. The. Publisher. Rocket. Software. Seriously, this one’s a no-brainer. There is no better hack than saving yourself hours of work and generating better information on which to make your campaign decisions. I paid $97 for lifetime access. Quite possibly the best hundred bucks I’ve spent on the business side of my writing. According to Amazon, you need at least 200 keywords for an AMS campaign to be effective. Chesson suggests this is probably closer to 500 or 600. That’s a lot of elbow grease, my friend! Publisher Rocket helps you generate targeted lists in seconds.


I hope this was helpful! Remember, as I mentioned last week, The Rookie Writer Show is switching to a bi-weekly format. In our next episode (July 16th, 2020), I’ll be reviewing The Writer’s Field Guide to the Craft of Fiction by Michael Noll. This was recommended to me by my good friend, Karol, who’s nearly finished with his MFA Program. I can’t wait to dig into this one!

Until then. . .

Happy writing, people!

For a Free Trial of the Publisher Rocket:

Publisher Rocket

And/or check out the Kindlepreneur video on finding Book Categories the DIY Way.

In other Dair-related news:

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