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Episode 029 | NaNo Panel – Week 2

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This month you’re invited to be a part of a virtual accountability group! Join our panel every week to hear how our NaNoWriMo efforts are going. Hopefully, you’ll pick up a trick that will help make things easier for you or simply gain a sense of camaraderie.

This week, Robin Knabel, Zenni Abdon, and Fawn Allesee Russell stopped by to chat about the first week. Among other things, we touched on:

  1. Pomodoros (AKA Time Sprints)

  2. Google Docs

  3. Dictation

  4. Experimenting with Different Methods, Times, Locations

  5. The Pomodoro App’s Ambient Features

  6. Slack

  7. Remembering to keep showing up, break the rules you need to break, value every word you do get down while you build your daily writing habit. And don’t forget to have some fun!

It’s a busy month, so I’m keeping the notes simple. No links again this week, I’m afraid. If you’re doing NaNo, come find me and be my buddy! I’m listed as H. Dair Brown.

Catch you next week! Until then…

Happy Writing, People!

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