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Episode 003 | What Motivates You?

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Understanding what drives your desire to write can make a huge difference in how much you write. Consider it another tool in your kit to deal with writer’s block, procrastination, and perfectionism. Ask yourself what you’re motivated by. Write it down somewhere you can see it when you sit down to write. When doubt and rejection inevitably find their way into your writing life, return to that motivation like a touchstone. Remind yourself why you have chosen to write and not do something else instead.

If you’re motivated by _______, ask yourself_________________

  1. Passion – What book/poem/article/etc. is it that I want to read? Is it something that only I can write? What makes this work fun? What would the world be like without the characters/stories that I’m creating? What would it be like with them?

  2. Message – What issue or cause do I want to raise awareness for? How could I contribute toward a solution or an improvement in some way?

  3. Audience – How can I offer comfort or support to my readers or viewers or listeners?

  4. Recognition – Am I willing to wait for this? How many times was my favorite author (or book) rejected before it was accepted? Was it valued in its time?

  5. Money – What kinds of things can I do with the resources I earn from my work? How will it improve my life? My family’s life? My community?

  6. Challenge – What other things have I done that seemed hard at first? What other things have I done that I had to try more than once before I succeeded? What is something I accomplished that took a long time to finish? What are the things I’ve finished that have made me most proud? What can I pull from these experiences to make it more likely I will finish this writing project?

Remember, the only person who can really keep you from writing is you. Don’t wait! Get started and keep at it! Every little bit of effort moves the ball forward!

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