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The Writer (October 2017) | "The tao of the Three Little Pigs"

"The truth is, while that inner critic is nasty and wolf-like, its just doing its thing, doing what it believes it was put here to do (like, say, a wolf just grabbing some dinner). What makes it infinitely worse, though, is that your inner critic thinks its just looking out for you. It believes it has your best interests at heart. But you must not listen to it."


The Grief Diaries (Vol. 3, Issue 1) | "Syllables"

"What makes your story so special and intriguing is that you've managed to tap into the strange and universal relationship between identity and loss. It was such a pleasure to read." 

               -Kristi DiLallo

                Founder/Editor-in-Chief, The Grief Diaries


The First Line (Fall  2004) | "Syllables"

"If you had asked my parents how they arrived at my name, they would have told you about long dead relatives and homage. But really, I think that it was their first attempt to protect me from the world, swaddling me in consonants, circling syllables like wagons in defense of their little girl."

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