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Not everything that emerges in springtime is meant to come to life.


The proverbial expression “Hope springs eternal” was coined by English poet and satirist Alexander Pope, meaning people will keep on hoping, no matter the odds. But what if the odds aren’t in your favor? We decided to change the phrase into something a little more unsettling: Hope Screams Eternal.

Spring hearkens thoughts of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth. What happens when creative minds nurture a more sinister mindset, awakening twisted and nefarious interpretations of the season of eternal hope? 

Authors, poets, and artists from around the globe accepted our challenge to answer that question. Within these pages, they do their best to unsettle you as they explore the dark side of spring.


The seeds of doubt they sow will burrow into your subconscious, lying in wait to hatch when you least expect it.

So get cozy, settle into your comfiest seat, and relax (but don't let down your guard!) as we bring your hopes and fears to life.

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Original tales about the other, moodier season of change



The short stories and poems in Autumn Noir skew toward the gritty, the atmospheric, the strangely, dangerously beguiling. Some mysteries unfold as gently as a wisp of chimney smoke. Others bring the heart-thumping thrills of an end-of-summer storm. In all of them, you’ll find characters as vibrant as fall foliage and dialogue as crisp as autumn air.

Join the down (but maybe not quite out), the struggling, the wicked, the forlorn, and the broken-hearted as they stumble and sometimes fall all the way down.

To paraphrase Betty Davis, “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy read.”

Be prepared to recognize a few of your favorite authors and to discover some new ones. Includes tales by Bev Vincent, Bethany Maines, Teresa Trent, Brandon Barrows, Stephen D. Rogers, and many more from the crime, mystery, noir, suspense, and thriller genres.

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